December 2005 Archives

  1. we all look alike to me
  2. ever get the feeling that the world is a tuxedo and you're a pair of brown suede loafers?
  3. god damn thee merry, gentlemen
  4. harrison. james harrison.
  5. the six year war: maddie
  6. turn out the lights, the party's over
  7. dating nurses
  8. wanted: a better firewall
  9. wonder of wonders
  10. darlene love love
  11. XI
  12. this just in! (about 31 times, in fact)
  13. on dorkass, on blitzen
  14. carson nugget
  15. i'd like to thank my personal lord and savior jesus, my parents, and the most wonderful woman in the world. we did it, baby!
  16. things i wondered today
  17. looking down from under heel
  18. really. you can have it.
  19. you hot. me love you.
  20. anyone else remember when republicans at least pretended to be against big government?
  21. 'tards needs editors
  22. pin the tail on the 'tard
  23. king kong myths
  24. approval whore: the lost singles
  25. no wonders
  26. reader mail
  27. spokavegas wrapup
  28. tom cruise, it's over
  29. frozen booger wonderland
  30. understatement of the year
  31. the romans had it right the first time
  32. the damp cardboard of metamuville
  33. sleep in heavenly peace
  34. off-leash areas
  35. my testimony
  36. parents is crazy
  37. justifiable homicide
  38. annoying hit of the day
  39. the cry list
  40. harry potter and the prisoner from metamuville