November 2006 Archives

  1. friends in low places
  2. ed update
  3. great moments in mindless phone service
  4. a little music, if you please
  5. remember that morning?
  6. the quotable dorkass
  7. whiteout
  8. howdy, doody
  9. how to make your tv lower-def for only a few thousand dollars
  10. this just in: and water is wet
  11. new york pizza, redux
  12. the dying is easier to take
  13. the heartwarming demise of michael richards
  14. mailbag
  15. embarrassment of riches
  16. postscript
  17. dead schembechlers
  18. one last shot
  19. musings at the urinal in the johannesburg of michigan
  20. still doing whatever i can for race relations
  21. straight outta spokompton
  22. rum runner
  23. an especially clever sign at the oxford of the americas
  24. Harvard, Stanford slapped with restraining order
  25. michigan week
  26. today, i get to sit in the sun
  27. into the craven mind of the american male
  28. random thought as the dems take over the senate
  29. pelosi rises
  30. open-mindedness
  31. election headline
  32. creeping realization
  33. kanye south
  34. things to give a rest, already
  35. bush fulfills campaign promise
  36. tour de asshole
  37. virgification