October 2006 Archives

  1. killing billing
  2. sports bigamists
  3. speaking of calling a fig a fig...
  4. at least it wasn't a confederate flag
  5. the sleeper sexist
  6. my second-favorite time of the year
  7. time to homo sapiens up and face this thing that's like a quagmire, only more of a deliberate trap
  8. october unsurprise
  9. bush uses the google on the internets
  10. jesus casts a stone
  11. them wacky ohio state universities
  12. ruffles and me
  13. i thought i remembered this car in all its glory. i was wrong.
  14. truth in slogans
  15. free sienna!
  16. 300,000,000
  17. monday morning practice-squad long-snapper
  18. worst. mail. ever.
  19. the Year of Nausea continues unabated
  20. minette, cont.
  21. when minette finally got credit, she really got credit
  22. foley grip
  23. the ed i'll miss most
  24. arizona bound
  25. the old last-time-i-saw-my-dad story
  26. the new last-time-I-saw-my-dad story
  27. but honestly again...
  28. the affirming nature of mortality, cont.
  29. the miracle baby
  30. but honestly...
  31. yankees, media fail
  32. high praise indeed
  33. mars needs women
  34. co-opting tragedy
  35. the unveiling
  36. natural selection
  37. that snapping sound this morning was all my friends doing a double-take at once
  38. white noise
  39. hi, i'm nobody of any consequence whatsoever