December 2006 Archives

  1. andrew henry's meadow
  2. wanted: phoenix tips
  3. football weekend xi rollup
  4. putting the mess back in christmas
  5. darlene love alert
  6. kid out the womb, head up the ass
  7. digging out
  8. somebody's daughter
  9. atlanta
  10. finally, something good comes from jim and tammy faye bakker having sex
  11. start the clock
  12. football weekend xi
  13. thanks, boss, thanks
  14. collateral damage
  15. hit of the day
  16. the back-pack
  17. three to two
  18. ever wish you could give people gift certificates for therapy?
  19. herro, joe, what do you know?
  20. seven year itch
  21. mailbag: gridiron edition
  22. pulp fiction distilled to its artistic essence
  23. alfie, the best dog in the world, died in his sleep...just like you will someday, timmy...if you're very, very lucky...goodnight!
  24. canis envy