September 2005 Archives

  1. finding comedy amidst the floating corpses
  2. insecure faith
  3. the validation manifesto
  4. "mean and smelly"
  5. best use of taxpayer money, ever
  6. one microsoft way
  7. okay, that post was a mistake
  8. ed alert
  9. the wit and wisdom of jessica alba
  10. minke, orcas, and porpoises, oh my
  11. i'm running out of percy headlines
  12. timpano redux
  13. self-medicating
  14. bobby brown's playlist
  15. fake wedding
  16. old farts with loose dogs and stupid fish bling, these are a few of my favorite things
  17. percy adds to his case file against me
  18. busboy and becky jr.
  19. marge simpson's hair
  20. sunday mornings
  21. barney fife lives
  22. friendly advice
  23. this week's "things i just don't get"
  24. we have met the enemy, and he is irs
  25. welcome to the show, norm chow
  26. rampant ismism
  27. new york style pizza crust
  28. the sport of kings, better than diamond rings—football
  29. showing off the new lens
  30. what a friend we have in private katrina
  31. cease fire, epilogue
  32. look, up in the sky!
  33. cease fire
  34. broken flowers
  35. funny strikes back
  36. fire six! fire seven!
  37. kanye west's episode
  38. joss stone
  39. vanity, thy name is junior
  40. old orleans
  41. for houstonians
  42. deadbeats