September 2010 Archives

  1. we interrupt this programming for a major announcement
  2. and now, on to less hairy ear wax
  3. i need a noun
  4. and i thought the ear wax thing was sarcastic
  5. ear wax epilogue
  6. damn, i forgot ear wax
  7. neutered
  8. orbital
  9. sue's song
  10. this might just be genius
  11. the pathology of ugly
  12. vomitous
  13. ahoy hoy
  14. stank's seal of authenticity
  15. who's the straightest guy you know?
  16. i *heart* when fame whores get their wish
  17. a little salt with my steak
  18. quantifying ryan murphy
  19. the sport of kings, better than diamond rings
  20. indispensibility