and i thought the ear wax thing was sarcastic

Turns out several women said it was really, truly gross. Me, I can't remember ever noticing another human being's ear wax in my entire life.

Unbrushed teeth - By far the runaway winner, which isn't all that surprising

Wearing dirty clothes - A woman originally suggested that I include this runner-up. I didn't expect this one to fare as it did. If there was a breakaway surprise, this was it. Boys, you cannot overstate the vehemence with which women hate our sniff test. And true story: when I was reading their rantings yesterday morning, I was wearing the same clothes for the third day in a row, and a woman dropped by my house.

Visible booger, greasy hair, doesn't shower every day - All fell into the second stratum of repugnance, and none of them surprised me.

Neck hair - Dead last. No one but Dorkass cares.

Farting in front of her - Due to my coding error, stats on this were not collected. That's not a self-referential joke. It just reads like one.

Dandruff - If there was a stunner for me, it was the support dandruff got. The women were overwhelming in their disdain for guys with dandruff, which until this week I thought was purely an invention of shampoo commercials. Dandruff barely registers to me. I can't remember ever noticing it.

Everything else - Got some votes, but not enough to form a trend.

And there's more! - Nose-picking received some write-in love, curiously always from women who also professed to hate visible boogers. (If that's not the very definition of being in a relationship, I don't know what is.) Nasty toenails got a couple mentions, as did something I hadn't thought of but wish I had: filthy bathrooms. Bacon strips on underwear were mentioned a couple times, which to me vaults from subjective hygiene preferences into "This baboon doesn't wipe his own ass." I think we can agree that chunks of fecal matter might diminish attractiveness.

Tomorrow: the comparable survey for men, about women