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This "Who Would You Kill" series of posts is dedicated to Leon the Barber and one Larry Joe Bird. The connection is a tad strained.

In the 80s, the Detroit Pistons had a fan called Leon the Barber. He threw verbal daggers the opposing players. Rusty daggers. He was obnoxious.

When in his 60s, Leon yelled to veteran player Artis Gilmore: ``Hey, Artis, coming to our class reunion?`` That sort of thing.

Nothing was taboo to him. He desecrated photos of opposing players' mothers and mistresses. From his seat behind the bench, he would read loudly from their divorce decrees. Whatever it took to get in the head of the opponent.

Which brings us to Mr. Bird, a man of few words who nonetheless offered this gem when asked about Leon: "If there was ever an open season on fans, he'd be the first one I'd bag."

It is in this spirit that I dedicate my WWYK bracket.