WWYK: chickenshit bigoted guy vs. chickenshit liker guy

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Who would you kill?

Chickenshit bigoted guy. You've seen him. He's all over web forums. Invariably, his ID is itself an idiotic assertion, like TRUTHspeaker. What his ID never is: his actual name. He uses a lot of CAPS. He types certain, declarative sentences, thinking this makes them more factual. He uses condescending language, thinking this puts you at a disadvantage. Examples: "I hate to tell you, Obama is a Muslim socialist." or "I'm sorry, but GOD HATES FAGS." For someone so clearly miserable, he also laughs a surprising amount: "I have to laugh at the way you lemmings slurp up the liberal media propaganda." He is everywhere. He makes damned sure of that. He could turn a local restaurant review into an indictment of affirmative action.

Chickenshit liker guy. That moronic "GOD hates fags" comment will doubtless have 17 thumbs up from other readers.

WINNER: I'm sorry, but Liker Guy makes me LAUGH. Bigoted Guy is a miserable, hateful cancer on society. Liker Guy is all those things, plus lazy.