WWYK: underwear bomber vs. tylenol killer

Who would you kill?

The Underwear Bomber Yeah, he failed to blow up that plane, but just look at what this bumblefuck and his shoe-bombing cousin created. Please remove your shoes after your genitals' imaging, citizen. Oh, and I see a Happy Hanukkah is in order!

The Tylenol Killer Before this asshat, opening a bottle of steak sauce didn't require pliers. You twisted the lid. It came off. You poured. A few deaths from poisoned Tylenol later, that bottle had both the impenetrable plastic shield and the paper disk thing you either bite off or push in. Hell, even bleach has a safety seal. Lest someone poison the bleach.

WINNER: Tylenol Killer. I bite off fragments of paper disks way more often than I fly. Plus he, you know, killed some people.