March 2006 Archives

  1. ankle in an air cast, arm in a sling
  2. okay bye click
  3. what he said
  4. zzz is for vendetta
  5. great moments in telecommuting
  6. yeah, that's about the size of it
  7. consistency of character
  8. kismet
  9. spade! spade!
  10. the book of job
  11. march madness
  12. sequel
  13. you should have seen the one that got away
  14. tom cruise, come out of the closet already
  15. church signs
  16. envy
  17. petulance defined
  18. the great priest-diddling craze
  19. hit of the day
  20. the seventeen year war: mom
  21. see? i told you mortality is life-affirming.
  22. things with ears and teeth
  23. black. white.
  24. what did i ever do to you, motherfucker?
  25. pain redefined
  26. just overheard in a bar in seattle's central district
  27. i forget whether this is the fifth or sixth seal
  28. in defense of hate
  29. reader mail
  30. yeah, but where did incuriosity ever get the cat?
  31. prejudice revisited
  32. celebrity guest
  33. j pod returneth
  34. now 95% sane!