karma, meet bitch. bitch, karma.

Two years ago, a woman asked me to build her a web site, costing some 50 hours of my time. When I went to show her, I learned she'd asked someone else to build her a site. She spent 15 seconds looking at mine, then directed me to coordinate efforts with the other guy. I walked out and never saw her again.

Until last night.

"John?" said a woman getting out of a parked car.

"Bitch?" I replied in my imagination, right now.

She hugged me and we briefly chatted. I told her that I live here now. She asked where, and I explained that I'm living in a hotel while I look for a house. This excited her.

"Did you know I'm a realtor now?!"

I went to sleep with dreams of her showing me home after home after home, then not getting a commission. I think about 50 hours' worth will do.