the state of argumentation in 2017

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Person A: "2+2=4"

Person B: "Wrong. It's 5."

A: "How do you figure?"

B: "Any retard knows this. Well, apparently not any retard. Haha."

A: "That's not an argument. Just use a calculator. You'll see that the sum is 4."

B: "I don't have time to jump through hoops for your retarded ad hominem argument, retard. Educate yourself. Later."

A: "Seriously, just take two seconds and you'll see it's 4."

B: "Have you ever made a math mistake in your entire life?"

A: "Uh. Yes?"

B: "Well then your opinion is invalid. Sorry you're all butthurt, but I'm not taking your word for any math."

A: "But it's not an op—"

B: "You make me laugh. You know who else thought 2+2=4? Hitler. Look it up."