it's a very very very [redacted] house

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I'm presently throwing a last few grand at this house to mitigate the exceedingly obvious. I figure potential buyers might be put off by lightbulbs dangling from the ceiling. Buyers might not enjoy walking on bare plywood as much as I have for the last nine months. I'm finishing things as inexpensively as possible.

First up was replacing the hideous the bathroom floor tile, which the previous owner destroyed while not successfully installing hardwoods in the adjoining closet. This has led to four "Uh, you need to see this" consultations with the installer, which is a record low for this house. The bathroom has ugly blue tile on the walls, an ugly blue sink, and an ugly blue toilet that matches the ugly blue shower. I'm replacing none of that, but the fixtures had to be removed for the floor tiling.

"Uh, you need to see this," said the floor installer.

I hope the buyer likes that ugly blue sink, 'cause he's married to it.