bloody hell

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I went to a cigar bar Sunday morning and found it crowded with regulars. One person brought bagels, another appetizers, and another Bloody Mary fixings. I wasn't in the mood to drink liquid heartburn, so someone naturally handed me a Bloody Mary stuffed full of jalapeno pulp, horseradish, hot sauce, and probably a pinch of napalm. I politely drank about an inch of it and then went to the men's room. I dumped it into the toilet.

It was when I flushed that I first saw the anchovies, olives, limes, and celery sticks. I flushed twice more, making sure that my stupidity wouldn't be immediately apparent for a change. When I exited the bathroom, I looked for and found the security cameras that will doom me. I sure hope they're on a 4-hour loop.