master of the universe

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This morning, I worked at my desk while around me swirled seven other people. They cleaned my house, detailed my car, removed wallpaper, and repaired a fence. "Lo, I am master of the universe," I declared to Fredo. I squinted at him hard. "I should really farm out feeding you."

And how did this go, you ask?

A maid broke a wine glass. The fence panels are now comically crooked, at both the x and z axes. "If you guys had only hung the panel so it's facing the ground, you would have had the hat trick," I snarled when firing them. My car window will not go back up because (I hope) moisture made the fuse blow. And the wallpaper guy is now about to hose a fourth of my days because he cannot make and execute a plan.

You'd think being god would be awesome, but nope. Sucks just as much as screwing up myself, but it's not free.