"Can you build me a web site?" said another woman, mere days after the last one. I'm related to this latest person, so it's not what you're thinking. Apparently I have an odor, and it smells like free labor.

And thus have I embarked on building her a blog. "I want it to chronicle the things in life that I'm grateful for," she said.

"Are you sure we're related?" I replied.

"Just to serve as a reminder to me, if nothing else."

"Seriously, is it possible there was a mixup at one of our hospitals?"

"Ha ha!"

She is achingly sweet and curiously guileless. I guess I'm happy to be related to such a person, but I also wonder what's in our relationship for her. A free blog, I suppose.

And thus, 17 years after I created Stank, I now embark on creating its exact opposite.