WWYK: "god doesn't close a door" chick vs. the field

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Who would you kill?

"God doesn't close a door without opening a window" chick. You may think you're already depressed, but there's no despair that can't be exacerbated by some religious twit pouncing on every opportunity to assert that if you'd only validate their beliefs, your frown is a mere half-turn from being a smile!

The field. This would be the utterer of every other feel-good cliche. You have to get through the pain to get past it, one day at a time (although time heals all wounds); because it just wasn't meant to be and better days lie ahead, we must live life on life's terms because everything happens for a reason.

The Winner: "God never closes a door without opening a window" chick. The Field is merely stupid and lazy. The keeper of God's window, on the other hand, is stupid, lazy, and presumes to speak for God.