WWYK: whiney bitches vs. bitchy whiners

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Who would you kill?

Indians upset that a minor scene in the Avengers took place in an Indian slum. When 42% of your country is below the poverty line, perhaps you could more constructively channel some of the calories you expended bitching about a superhero movie.

Adopted folks angered by arguably the funniest line in the Avengers. We have officially become a nation of whiney pussies who parse every morsel of popular culture for offense so that we can claim victim status. And how dare Joss Whedon not include a doughy, bald superhero? I demand an apology, if not reparations.

Winner: This is really a tossup. I'm going to go with the Indians, though, because I'm sick of asking "Bob" from Calcutta to repeat himself on the phone.