cinco de mayo

Where I live is achingly white.

I don't mean Seattle. Lily-white Seattle is a veritable melting pot compared to where I live, the Kitsap Peninsula. The only times I've seen non-whites in Metamuville in 10 years is when I've hosted or hired them. Or, in d'Andre's case, when they briefly showed up to empty my refrigerator.

It's day-old dishwater dull.

When white people make every decision, travesties like this happen. The winners in the Best of Kitsap Reader Poll:

best of kitsap.png

I assure you that every one of those places sucks. They suck day-old dishwater.

"What the peninsula needs," I told a friend, "is an immediate infusion of gays and Mexicans. They'd change those poll results in about two minutes."

This is my new mission. I'm going to kill two birds and recruit gay Mexicans. I know exactly one, but I'm assured that he's really cute, so that's a start.

With any luck, Cinco de Mayo is gonna kick ass in a couple years.