why you hate microsoft products

I was at a barbecue hosted by a Microsoft executive and swarming with past and current employees. I was on my fourth Diet Coke, and with my inhibitions thusly lowered, I was holding forth about what's wrong with Redmond these days. I actually got to use the phrase "in my day."

I found the guy in charge of Microsoft's web server product, which I've used for years but which, in its latest incarnation, I'd suddenly found baffling and unusable. I asked what I always ask: for the love of god, why?

I shouldn't have bothered. He nodded condescendingly and gave me the answer I always get from modern Microsoft types, about any criticism, on any product: "You're not the target audience, John."

"I'm not the target audience. For the web server I've always used. As a web server. Which came with the OS on the computer sold to my business as a web server."


So see? You don't really hate, oh, let's say Office. You're just not its target audience. So if you think about it, your difficulties are your fault. Redmond awaits your apology.