startled by idiot, man dies from fright while mowing lawn

Dirt was mowing my lawn for hire and I was inside working when I spotted something unusual in Puget Sound. Seals and sea lions are common as raccoons, but this was...huge. Orcas have been around lately, but them I recognize on sight. Whatever it was, it was a showstopper. Here it is from inside my house, some 40'H and 90'V away.


"DIRT!" I yelled out the window, my finger flailing dramatically toward the ledge. "THERE'S A LARGE ANIMAL!"

Turns out this isn't what you say to your buddy if you want him to run toward what you're pointing at. He bolted into the house.

For the record, it was a gray whale, unprecedented in my little bay. In the first photo, he's in about 10 feet of water.