the dumbest ui

Have you ever used a product and known in the first five seconds that it was never tested? You non-Microsoft types are no doubt making Windows jokes right about now, but believe me, if you ever saw a pre-release version of Windows, you would thank your Almighty for its testers who, I assure you, missed very little.

No, I'm talking even dumber. Some of the most ill conceived user-interfaces ever designed.

An honorable mention goes to every guy who ever thought we need another kind of screwdriver. Phillip, you asshole, I hope the gates of hell require a hex key to unlock.

For sheer, audacious "they did this on purpose!" stupidity, I give you my runner-up: the Logitech diNovo keyboard. Note the missing button where Backspace would ordinarily go. It was ripped off in anger. Logitech saw fit to put a disc eject button here. Every time I made a typo, I would hear a clunk, followed by the gears of my DVD drawer straining against the inside of the desk. Asinine enough, but then they allow you to disable several keys except this one. For their next trick, the space bar will be replaced by "missile launch."

logitech dinovi.JPG

But still champion is the Chevy Cavalier, which I rented once in Los Angeles. There's nothing quite as exciting as flipping down the sun visor during rush-hour on the Santa Monica freeway and having it not only hit the dash, obstructing your view, but wedge into the dash. Violent removal again ensued.

Surely someone can top this. Lay it on me.