putting my shoulder into it

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Yesterday at 6am, I took Fredo for a walk. It lasted under a minute. The sidewalk had frozen over, and for the second time in a month, I went down hard.

My right shoulder absorbed all of the force, and it was immediately clear that something was wrong. I couldn't move that arm at all. I drove to the emergency room, where the x-rays were negative for a break. My shoulder was separated.

You know how in the movies, they violently reset your shoulder, and you scream in pain, and then you're fine? Everything but the last detail is accurate. I am completely incapacitated. The very thought of leaving the hotel makes me woozy. I cannot protect myself in the least.

It sucks. The silver linings are few. I barely missed Fredo when I fell, so there's that. More importantly, my cigar stayed in my mouth. I am oddly proud.