who would jesus refuse to bake a cake for?

Yesterday I endured a Christian railing about the wedding cake case. In it, a baker is suing the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for violating his First Amendment right to free speech. How? By compelling him to speak in favor of gay marriage. Huh? How? He got in trouble for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake. What makes a cake gay, I am not sure, although that gluten-free bullshit comes to mind.

"I'm worried about the precedent," clucked this person about protecting the right to discriminate, with zero sense of irony or self-awareness. "If you can't practice your religion at work, where else won't you be able to you practice it?"

Jesus H. Christ. Choice of expletives deliberate.

I resisted the temptation to ask where gay wedding cakes are mentioned in the Bible. I missed the parable where Jesus refused to bake one.

It amazes me that not everyone thinks that this brand of "spirtuality" is an obvious fabrication, the moron's answer to the question, "How can I rationalize my abundant hate?" Or, more topically, "How can I reframe society's refusal to allow me to discriminate as my own persecution?"

I got out of the conversation before she could rail about gays "shoving their lifestyle in our faces." Irony and self-awareness are not these folks' strong suits.