things i'll miss about pittsburgh, part ii

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Pittsburgh is blessed to be home to the Carnegie family, without whom this would be an ethnic Topeka. Among their many contributions to local culture is their art and natural history museum, which is simply ridiculous for a town of this size. I call the impressionists room "the Andrew don't mess around room." Renoir next to Monet next to Van Gogh next to Degas next to Manet next to Pissaro. At some point you cease being overwhelmed by the sheer density of it all and become overwhelmed with the sheer luckiness of this town. So you go downstairs and look at the T-Rexes.

Sure, I could show you pictures of the T-Rexes or Monet's largest Water Lillies painting. But I'd rather make fun of unfortunate signs I saw there. Andrew truly spared no expense except an editor.