great reads: into the mind of a modern teenager

greatreads.jpgToday, I'm starting a new post category: great reads. Whenever I come upon an article I love, I'll pass it on.

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Tired of seeing his work stolen online, a composer had given up on doing anything about it. But then he realized there was one thing no one ever tried. So he personally wrote the thieves and asked them to stop stealing his work. Many wrote back. One was a teenage girl who didn't understand why he was infringing on her rights.

Fighting with Teenagers: A Copyright Story

This girl takes the classic "if a starving man steals a loaf of bread to feed his family, is it wrong?" ethical debate to a whole new level. She's an artist. Artists want, nay, need to steal his music and take money from his pocket. Why is he being such a douche about it?