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So if a certain kind of woman learns about romantic relationships from popular media, is this also true of some men? What's the male equivalent of Jane Austen and Pretty Woman leading us down the garden path?

I keep trying to think of an example that's not "porn" or "commercials." I try. I fail.

It's impossible for me to imagine a guy romantically emulating Colin Firth. And certainly not any literary character. Please. I couldn't even write that sentence without laughing. I'm inclined to say we don't give it any thought at all, but that would be a paradox, wouldn't it? No, what feels right, what I can provide too many examples of, is men in real life behaving like men in commercials. She will swoom if we ship her cardboard flowers in a cardboard box, go to Jared's for a ring, and then propose in some sort of stunt. Say, the Jumbotron at a stadium. And so this is exactly what we do.

And then we wonder why she didn't squeal with delight to her girlfriends like the chick on TV did. Crazy bitches, man.