weekend whining

I detest "what I did yesterday" posts, but I figure if I whine, it'll still fit the theme of this page. So.

I spent Saturday helping my boss, Flo, shop for hot tubs, which was surprisingly like work.

John, why a? WHAT?
Find out b. FUCK. WHAT?
If z, I'm going to x your y-ing w.

Saturday night I went to a local, small-town St. Patrick's Day party, where the conversations went like exactly this:

"I restore classic cars."

"I patina metals for the Guggenheim."

"I build custom surfboards."

"I write technical documentation for software products you've never heard of."
Just call me The Cooler.

Sunday morning, Minette and I headed out on the 24-hour-cold trail of orcas and gray whales. Someone else spotted the orcas many miles south of us, but the grays were there, in all their spectacular unspectacularity. I got a few not-so-noteworthy shots of their backs, so I'll post "cute" instead. We caught this massive California sea lion in the act of leaping on to a buoy. This was his second, successful attempt.

sea lion leap.jpg

Perhaps proud, perhaps sensing a kindred spirit in Minette, he got his nose so high in the air it was practically up his own ass.

sea lion bend.jpg

I was like a stalking paparazzo. "Hey seal! Seal! Look this way!"