foley grip

The term suddenly has creepy new meaning, doesn't it?

I haven't much to say that hasn't been covered ad nauseum.

  • I'll really never understand the arrogance of power. How can someone who's risen to office—a status ensuring the existence of many enemies—prey on minors, leave a paper trail, and think that he won't be caught? Of course he's going to be caught.
  • Equally astonishing is that some folks vehemently assert that this story didn't originate from the Democrats, as if there can be only one bad guy in a scandal. This is Capitol Hill. A sensational story, long-buried, exploding right before the midterm elections? They call it an "October surprise" for a good reason. Is there proof? Not yet. But there's a helluva lot of smoke worthy of examination. It's inconceivable to me that the Dems sat on the story for political reasons, but what about this story is conceivable so far?
  • If there's a bright side to this wretchedness, it's the reaction of the religious right. Did they learn that they'd been played by the GOP? That the Republicans found a group of unthinking lemmings; made a couple of insincere, validating noises; and easily stole their devotion and votes—all the while secretly tolerating things like (gasp!) gays in their ranks? No. The lesson the religious right learned was that the Republicans aren't pious enough. They'll demand even more groveling lip-service next time.

Don't you people have children's cartoons to censor or something?