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Calvin_Chevy1.jpgTruck guys. You know them. They have the Ford Decimator 6000 sitting proudly in their driveway, a monstrous beast with platinum splash-guards and an "OFF-ROAD 4x4" logo steel-plated on both sides. Three things are certain: 1) the truck will have more cup holders than seat belts, 2) fumes from all the Armor All will make passengers hallucinate, and 3) it will never, ever, under any circumstances go off-road. I do not get these guys. When they hear I bought a 1989 junker truck just for towing my boat, they want to see it. I could have a child and not generate this much interest. (Which, okay, I get.)

Subset of truck guy: the Ford vs. Chevy guy. They root for brands like I root for football teams. "At least you bought a Ford," they cluck approvingly at my junker. They are marketers' wet dream.

will_ferrell_snl_1.gifWill Ferrell. I've never heard another soul say this, but I just don't find him amusing. At all. He's hailed as the second coming of Phil Hartman, but I can't remember a time he made me laugh. I can remember plenty of times I was laughing until he appeared. He's a comedy control rod. I keep waiting for the No Talent Police to come and beat him to death. Alas.

Pretty much any white music from the 60s. From the Beatles to Dylan to the Stones, it's all white noise to me. Uninteresting, unmelodic, whinily pretentious, musicly simplistic crap not fit for elevators. Thank god the culprits are finally dying.

Jay Leno, purveyor of banal McJokes. He stopped being funny around 1989, yet his ratings are strong. Who is watching him? Who? I can name 20 people who voted for Bush, yet I can't name one who watches Leno suck.

Serial TV. Oh, I love the medium when it's done right. Serials, with their lush backstories, character arcs, and sense of forward purpose are vastly more compelling than shows that reset at the end of every episode. But serials are also easily done wrong. Take 24 or Lost. Honestly promoted, the commercials would sound like this: "This week on Lost...monstrously cryptic, suspiciously unilluminating things are uttered that for some reason no one asks a follow-up question about. Plus backstory padding that has nothing to do with anything! And Jin goes shirtless! Next!" 24 would be even easier to promote: "This week on 24...Jack finds a random clue and follows it to another random clue. Plus people act astoundingly petty about their love lives during a chemical attack. Next!" These shows are guilty of killing time, theirs and ours. If you don't have enough story for 24 episodes, do 2- or 3-arc seasons.

operation rabbitYankee fans not from New York. I've said it before: these are people who watch the Discovery Channel and root lustily for the coyote to catch the bunny. "Yeah! Bunnies SUCK! Co-yo-tes! Co-yo-tes!"

Chronic brakers. Who are these morons who slam on their brakes when the speed limit changes? They think this practice is safe? Honorable mentions: two-footed drivers whose brakes lights evoke a strobe effect, idiot Seattle drivers who brake on ice. Super-duper honorable mention if it's on an incline.