she wore pearls

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Yesterday after I docked, an elderly couple stopped by to ask questions about my boat. They were lovely, truly a sweet little old couple from Kansas City. Unfortunately, when they approached unseen, I was puttering around the boat in my giddy, post-orca mode. My falsetto was in fine form, belting out Rick James a capella.

A little girl came up to me,
Acting young and shy.
A look of curiosity
Was flashing in her eyes.

She had seen my face before
And thought she knew me well.
So I said, Shall we talk some more?
Girl, come to my hotel.

She was only 17, 17,
But she was sexy!
She was--

"Hellooooo..?" said Grandma, understandably frightened by the apparent cross-breeding of Rick James and Grizzly Adams. But hey, at least I'd already finished singing "Sir Psycho Sexy."