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December 17, 2012

a well regulated militia

I own a handgun. It's for self-defense.

I own it grudgingly. I do not celebrate my patriotic exercise of my second-amendment rights. I own a handgun for one reason: the gun-fetishists at the NRA go to the mat for the right of every drooling whackjob to buy automatic weapons.
Gun control? Yes, please. I'll gladly give mine up if the whackjobs show me how.

There seems to be more sentiment than usual for a reasonable discussion of gun control. I hope that resolve weathers the ravages of the NRA, who will all but nail themselves to the cross in defense of the indefensible. They will whine about Obama's tyranny, about infringement of their rights, about dangerous slippery slopes. And when they do, I hope that the public has the spine to state the obvious: you are not the victims, here.

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