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March 20, 2007

the wow starts now

It started with a tip from a friend.

"Hey dude. Your girlfriend has an ad up on Match.com."

Dude looked. Dude saw. Dude felt entitled to peruse scores of girls' personals ads and collect them as his "favorites."

Girlfriend discovers this on their computer. Girlfriend is pissed. Girlfriend writes me, confronts him, and accusations and counter-accusations rip flesh like shrapnel.

Hurtful things were said, and things are extremely iffy today. And who do they really have to thank for this bliss? Why, the source of all pointlessness and idiocy in my life: Microsoft.

Turns out Microsoft pimps out its Spaces bloggers, photos included, in ads on Match.com—without their consent or knowledge. (Yeah! What possible harm could come from that?) Oh, I'm sure it's in the 170 page license agreement somewhere, but Legal's thoroughness is not on trial here. Microsoft's genius is. If we could only get them to stop being so passionate about our potential, we might actually have some.

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