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October 30, 2005

zero tolerance

I'm flattened by cold meds today. Thus incapacitated, I need to quote something so inept that no further derision is necessary. I need a layup. I leave you with a favorite piece of reader mail, which a little research shows was written by a student at Trinity Baptist College about the president of the Christian Law Association, several months after the Schiavo coroner's report. Enjoy.

Hey there John- sorry to bother you again, just wanted to drop a note. First I'll appologize for my spelling, I've discovered through reading a bit of you mind on your site here that you despire poor spelling! I was intrigued by your words on the Teri Schiavo case. I recently listened to Dr. David Gibbs III, who was the head of the defense team on the case. (He came through town.) I was actually quite suprised by what he expounded. He said that the problem with the Schiavo case was not a simple "pulling of the plug" but that, as we all are aware, it was a matter of removing her feeding tube. Teri could do everything for herself- she could walk around the room, breathe on her own, and even communicate with those present. She simply didn't have the ability to palce the food in her own mouth because her hands were unable to be used. If you placed food to her mouth she could eat it! They resorted to a feeding tube because it was at the request of her spouse. 9Who then requested they remove it and allow her to die of dehydration.) Infact, the day that she died, and the last time that Teri's mother visited her, she told her mom that she loved her. It was rough, and sounded like that of a handicapped child, but it was clear and unmistakeable. Dr. Gibbs was present to see and hear this. He had a three hour discussion with Larry King about this entire Schiavo drama that unfolded in front of the world. After learning the details of the case that the media didn't light upon too much, it really made me stop and think. Take care John, hope all is well!

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