my second ban

My weekend guests are gone, and I'm still processing what a miserable time it was for me. Nine years after my first ban, I am issuing my second.

Long pause

I've now stared at this page for five minutes, unable to articulate my hatred. I don't think I'll even try.

• • •

An unrelated curiosity: since I put a TV in my upstairs guest-room, it has been used twice. On both occasions, I set up an X-Box for a guest's nephew. On both occasions, I left him several kid-friendly games to play. And within an hour, on both occasions, the boy saw fit to go exploring my house, opening every cabinet and drawer until he found the non-kid-appropriate games in a spice drawer downstairs, which he then took and played, without comment. On both occasions, it was me—never his parent, God forbid—who discovered what he'd done. And on both occasions, his excuse was an indignant "You only left me four games!"

It's as if I'd locked him in the room for a day with a thimble full of water, then yelled at him for using the tap nearby.

There are many levels to this that I don't understand, not the least of which is: since when are four wildly popular games not good for an hour?