September 2006 Archives

  1. i can't believe i missed an opportunity to rerun my favorite picture ever
  2. rectification
  3. etymological digression
  4. welcome, aaron!
  5. go away. go far away.
  6. go away. go far away.
    part ii
  7. the spotted sea
  8. the time the approval whore screwed her courage to the sticking place and stood up to my abuse
  9. staving off stupidification
  10. newsweek: women in leadership
  11. mailbag part deux
  12. cumming first since 1832
  13. mailbag
  14. when sociopath met psychopath
  15. kettles and pots
  16. fundamentalist week in review
  17. welcome, guang!
  18. one two three four, cbs declares a race war
  19. darwin award
  20. amazon prime
  21. photo negative life
  22. 9/11 excess
  23. the quotable annette
  24. 1-614-SMOTHER
  25. five years
  26. "parent of the year" nominee
  27. hd or not hd
  28. kids solved
  29. the sport of kings, better than diamond rings
  30. time to man up and face this tar baby
  31. overlooked film festival
  32. election fright
  33. mailbag
  34. reader challenge: find a human being who isn't a petty, selfish waste of carbon