Oh, Life Savers Ministries, there's absolutely no confusion.


Yes, the web site is for real.


And if CSI: Miami is really a spin-off of CSI, why is there still CSI?





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So the Holy Spirit too good to friend me?



Seriously, do these people never step back and just listen to themselves?




A weaker entry, but I like the confluence of Christ's love, ungrammaticality, "calling out," and the pickup truck.




How hip.

I'll save you the trouble of googling it.

This one too.

And you thought it was just Catholics.






My favorite part of this one: in verifying that this was real, I saw that Lev. 18:8 went on to say not to dishonor Dad by sleeping with "his wife." Just in case you thought that was a loophole.


And the price of illiteracy are being mocked.


...white out, crayon. Dress for heat.


I fucking hate it when the guy tithing in front of me pays in change.


These are a dime a dozen, happily.


I'm sure He "appreciates" the quotes.